How does Concilio simplify exchanges between its medical team and its users?

How Concilio unified and made its communications platform more reliable
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Facilitating access to the best of health is also being able to offer our users simple and fluid exchanges with our medical team. Recently, Concilio called on Twilio and its Flex platform to manage its contact center.

Why did you call on Twilio?

Indeed, faced with the continuous increase in the number of agents using the system simultaneously, Concilio wanted to build a single platform capable of unifying all the existing tools of the contact center.
Twilio is an American company specializing in unified communications via a cloud platform.

Quentin Hayot, our System Administrator and Senior Developer explains:
“We tried a number of systems that were all very good to get a job done, but we needed a system that could do it all. And we were able to create it with Twilio Flex. ”

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