Cystitis : treatment, prevention… We tell you everything

Cystitis : treatment, prevention... We tell you everything
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Cystitis is an inflammation of the urinary tract : meaning inflammation of the bladder and urethra (urethra is the tract through which urine passes when you urinate).

Cystitis is a benign and frequent pathology, really common for women. Painful and embarrassing, it can be disabling. Don’t let it ruin your life !

What are the main symptoms ?

The most common symptom is an intense burning sensation when urinating.

There is often a feeling of discomfort in the lower part of the abdomen, an urgent need to urinate and, also, urine may discolor (it may become darker or even brownish).

Urine may also have a bad smell or contain blood.

How to treat cystitis?

Cystitis can be treated quickly, after a medical consultation, by antibiotic.

It is most often a single dose antibiotic (this means that a single dose of antibiotics is enough): it is very simple!

A few hours later, you will already feel a clear relief, and in less than three days, your symptoms will have completely disappeared.

In case of doubt or fever, the doctor will recommend a physical consultation.

What should you do if urinary infections become too frequent?

If you have repeated urinary tract infections, solutions exist.

A teleconsulting doctor can discuss step by step measures that you can take helping you avoid any recurrences.

Doctors can give you some well-known advice (hydration, etc.), but also some other subtler advice which really may change everything!

If the infections are too frequent, they might prescribe you some tests: urinalysis, an ultrasound of the urinary tract.

If necessary, they will refer you to a fellow urologist.

Do you want more information about cystitis? Do not hesitate to book  a teleconsultation.